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The Alfred University Research and Archive (AURA) repository collects, distributes and preserves research and scholarship created by faculty, staff and students as well as documents of historical or archival significance. By offering a central location for depositing these materials through a stable, well-managed and permanent platform, AURA provides the Alfred University campus with the opportunity to share research with colleagues throughout the world while also providing access to documents with enduring value. AURA is managed by the Alfred University Libraries; additionally users should be aware of the Terms of Use and Rights Statement.


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  • Fiat Lux, The Official Newspaper of Alfred University (Alfred University, 2021-03-01)
  • Fiat Lux, The Official Newspaper of Alfred University (Alfred University, 2021-02-15)
  • Youells, Bernadette D. (1995-05-08)
    In this report I discuss the advantages of using digital imaging, its applications, and how much it costs. I also review the necessary hardware and software needed to implement a digital imaging program. The advantages of ...
  • Alfred University. Libraries. (2021-02-11)
  • Sheldon, Carole; Perry, Sophia; Clarke, David; Bassett, Eloise; Zude, Mary; Crandall, William; Hargraves, Jack; Langworthy, Doris; Wilcox, Enid; Scholes, James; Chisholm, June; Watson, Huber; Vars, Frances; Saunders, Virginia (1936-09)
    An Alfred High School (Alfred, N.Y.) newsletter highlighting news, updates, and student thoughts and opinions in the year of 1936.

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