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The Alfred University Research and Archive (AURA) repository collects, distributes and preserves research and scholarship created by faculty, staff and students as well as documents of historical or archival significance. By offering a central location for depositing these materials through a stable, well-managed and permanent platform, AURA provides the Alfred University campus with the opportunity to share research with colleagues throughout the world while also providing access to documents with enduring value. AURA is managed by the Alfred University Libraries; additionally users should be aware of the Terms of Use and Rights Statement.


Recently Added

  • Burdick, Susie M. (1921-11-18)
    A reply to Prof. Binns answering a question about Dr. Halloch, a missionary in China. Miss Burdick offers to come speak to students Dec 14 of same year about mission opportunities in China.
  • Sowinski, Peter J. (New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. Inamori School of Engineering., 2016-09)
    Nickel-based anodes are the most commonly used anodes for solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC). Unfortunately, with nickel based anodes, internal reforming of hydrocarbon fuels is often accompanied by carbon deposition, which ...
  • Tsang, Sami (2021-05)
    I was born in Canada, and grew up in Hong Kong. As the youngest female child of a conservative Chinese family, my voice was not welcomed. The ability to speak faded away. At age12, I moved back to Canada, where a series ...
  • Caspi, Uriel H. (2021-05)
    This is an invitation to explore the unknown territory of "DAR" -a visionary space that encapsulates the fundamental conceptions of “space”, “time” and “matter” through the eyes of the artist. Visually inspired by archeological ...
  • Chénard, Marianne (2021-05)
    Ceramic embodies water, earth, fire, and air in each of its transforming stages. I explore these aspects separately, giving them time and space to act; to later observe the relations which manifests between elements. I use ...

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