Mathematical Concepts Within the Artwork of LeWitt and Escher

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The goal of this thesis is to demonstrate the relationship between mathematics and art. To do so, I have explored the work of two artists, M.C. Escher and Sol LeWitt. Though these artists approached the role of mathematics in their art in different ways, I have observed that each has employed mathematical concepts in order to create their rule-based artworks. The mathematical ideas which serve as the backbone of this thesis are illustrated by the artists' works and strengthen the bond between the two subjects of art and math. My intention is to make these concepts accessible to all readers, regardless of their mathematical or artistic background, so that they may in turn gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between mathematics and art. To do so, we begin with a philosophical discussion of art and mathematics. Next, we will dissect and analyze various pieces of work by Sol LeWitt and M.C. Escher. As part of that process, we will also redesign or re-imagine some artistic pieces to further highlight mathematical concepts at play within the work of these artists.
Thesis completed in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Alfred University Honors Program.
Honors thesis, Mathematics, Art, Escher, M. C., LeWitt, Sol