From the Boondocks to the Banlieues: Examining Issues Within the Education Systems of France and Morocco

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The written portion of my work focuses on three major aspects of my Honors Thesis. First, the three-day conference I organized is highlighted, providing in-depth details as well as feedback on the event. Next, I explore France's education system, the history of education in France, and its connection to some long-standing, ingrained issues within schools, and the teaching philosophies often found within the nation. These topics tie into the "Banlieues" aspect of my title, which refers to many suburbs of large cities in France that are often made up of low-income populations and immigrant groups. Finally, cruising past the Strait of Gibraltar and popping into Africa, I look into education in Morocco. The problems within the system here, while equally impactful and concerning, often differ from those of France. Referencing the title's "Boondocks" piece, the issues in Morocco that this work focuses on are often based on regions, where the remote and rural areas often experience the most extreme disadvantages. This piece overall provides a brief yet interesting view of just a few of the many issues that students face globally.
Thesis completed in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Alfred University Honors Program.
Honors thesis, Education, France, Morocco