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  • Jordan, Mackenzie (2022-11-29)
    This thesis shows the importance of history and how condensed countries have complex issues and tensions. The main point has been to highlight the nature of the war in Yemen and the dire need for understanding, attention, ...
  • VanderWeide, Kaitlin (2012-05)
    The race to discover the solution to genetic disease has been a long one; only recently has it come to look like it is a race that may actually be won. Zinc-Finger Nucleases (ZFNs) are synthetic enzymes that can be designed ...
  • Hayes, Briar R. (2016-05-09)
    I chose Diaspora as my proposed thesis for a number of reasons, though some are more legitimate than others. I am speaking my mind about what I think the destiny of our species and our civilization will be.



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