Oxidated Aliginate Composites for Antimicrobial Hard Tissue Repair

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Natural polymers such as alginate are highly desired in the medical field due to their excellent biocompatibility. However, like most materials, this pure alginate is far from perfect. In order to enhance and optimize this polymer for hard tissue repair, low viscosity alginate was oxidized using sodium periodate and two different solvents (DI water and a 1:1 water/ethanol mixture) and then composited with 45S5 Bioglass©. The two version of the oxidized sodium alginate composites were then compared based on their microstructures, antibacterial properties, and compression strength. Overall, it was found that the composited samples using the 1:1 water/ethanol solvent produced more favorable properties, especially in its ability for better gelation and mechanical properties. While more work needs to be done, the research conducted shows oxidized sodium alginate composites have the potential to be a safe and effective biomaterial for hard tissue repair.
Thesis completed in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Alfred University Honors Program.
Honors thesis, Polymeric Biomaterials, Aliginate Biomaterials, Bioglass