Grass Fed

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The way we consume meat currently in America is ruled by capitalistic greed and profit without concern for the effects that it has. Meat products are pushed out at an enormous rate for people to consume every day, and so much is wasted. Americans eat more meat than we should and we are made to be so disconnected from the food we consume. We are sold perfectly plastic wrapped meat in sterile aisles which separates us from the reality of what the animals go through during their processing before they get to us. Animals are slaughtered by the millions, by real people put through horrific conditions, in order to end up on our tables. One way that corporations separate us from our food is through advertisements and packaging. The intent of my artwork is to break down the perceptions of meat and show the reality of what actually occurs in order for us to get our food. By showing my work in a repetitive nature I hope to mimic the mass quantities and greed that go into our food production. If I can show people the realities of meat production my hope would be not to necessarily make people not consume meat but think about the ways in which we receive our food and the problems within the system created to get it from a living animal to a meal on our table.
Thesis completed in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Alfred University Honors Program.
Honors thesis, Art, Printmaking, Sociology