The Destiny We Should Not Be Destined To

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During lockdown, one of the only things that was still consistently there was nature. Nearly every day I would take a hike around a local park/nature reserve. Once we were able to come back to school, the obvious thing to make art about was COVID. However, I discovered a new subject matter I could revolve my art around: nature! It felt so obvious. I loved spending time outside, so it made sense to create art appreciating it. Around this time was also when I realized I enjoy making ambient sound pieces. The idea I can make people think of things and experience emotions without creating visuals for them was very exciting. That eventually translated into my visual art this year, where I began to create the abstract artworks I’ve been holding myself back from creating. Beginning to use nature as a subject matter was very fulfilling, but also left me with a sense of guilt. I felt like I was taking nature for granted. It heals me, gives me happiness, and brings me closer to my friends. What do I do? I drive a car, buy single-use plastic, and order things online. Nature is trying to be kind to us, but we are not treating it the same way.
Thesis completed in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Alfred University Honors Program.
Honors thesis, Art, Graphic Design, Video