Women's and Gender Studies


The Alfred University Women's and Gender Studies Program grew out of Alfred's historically liberal, progressive college environment and unique feminist history. Founded in 1836, AU was the second co-educational college in the United States and the first in New York State.

The Women's and Gender Studies Program was founded in 1983 and continues to offer students the opportunity to explore the interdisciplinary field of Women's and Gender Studies by combining courses from a variety of traditional disciplines with ones designed specifically for the program.

Alfred University has always encouraged not only women's education, but also the opportunity for women to work. Jonathan Allen, the University's second president, once said, "I cannot see why, if woman has a mind, it was given her to be cramped and dwarfed and starved." Jonathan Allen refused to let the narrow visions of other institutions interfere with his goals for the young women of Alfred University. "Woman is knocking at college doors for admission," he said, "...Many colleges have slammed their doors in her face."

Abigail Allen, Jonathan Allen's wife, shared her husband's vision of educational equality at Alfred. A revolutionary woman of her time, Abigail's contributions are still honored by university students and faculty today. Abigail Allen believed that men and women alike must work to challenge the limits set by society and institution.

"I cannot see why, if woman has a mind, it was given to her to be cramped and dwarfed and starved." Jonathan Allen, Alfred University's second president

"Any culture to be noblest. . .must move on the high tide of human progress, keep abreast of the world's advance movements: in one word, be radical, radical to the core." Abigail Allen, art teacher and first lady of Alfred University

The program offers access to a variety of conceptual frameworks, experiences, personal styles, ideas, and issues. It encourages students to explore women's issues and women's history from multiple perspectives. Students in the minor have the opportunity to complete original research, support the program as Alphadelphian staff members, and serve the community through Women's Studies internships.

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