Buildings and Campus Landmarks


This collection highlights a wide spectrum of information relating to the history of Alfred University and its students. Much more is available in the University Archives Collection.

Recent Submissions

  • Clawson, Cortez R. (Sabbath Recorder, 1913-06)
    Program and remarks made at the dedication of the Carnegie Library at Alfred University.
  • Bouck, Warren L. (1990)
    A short history of the Terra Cotta building on Main Street, Alfred, NY.
  • Alfred University (1964-09)
    This booklet was written to introduce the Class of '68 to the general regulations of the Brick Dormatory.
  • Alfred University. Archives. (2011-09-09)
    This short article gives an overview of the Steinheim building at Alfred University, originally constructed as a natural history museum.
  • Alfred University. Archives. (2011-09-09)
    This is a short history of what was called Prexy's Pool at Alfred University (a small reflecting pool located within sight of the University president's office).
  • Stull, John (2011-09-09)
    This history outlines the story of Alfred University and its observatories. The author has dedicated over 50 years to improving the current observatory and has extensive knowledge of the first one constructed in the mid-19th ...
  • Alfred University. Archives. (2011-09-09)
    This history outlines the history of the house located at the intersection of Main Street and Pine Street in Alfred, NY that was originally the home of William and Amanda Burdick, later the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity house ...
  • Alfred University. Archives. (2011-09-09)
    This short history captures the time line of the Davis Gym at Alfred University.