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  • Norwood, John Nelson (Alfred University, Alfred, NY, 1957)
    A chronological history of Alfred University's first 100 years (1936 - 1956).
  • Rogers, Albert N.; Strong, Susan R.; Bernstein, Melvin H.; Potter, Barrett G.; Ohara, David M.; Kerns, Kathryn; Brown, June E.; Sass, Daniel B.; Burdick, Carol; Howard, Benjamin W.; Stull, John L.; Janosik, Ellen H.; Prigmore, Philip B.; Howard, John C.; Sibley, Elizabeth M.; Sibley, Myron K.; Rasmussen, Thomas H.; Robana, Abderrahman; Trice, Frank L.; Greil, Arthur L; Nelson, Johnny (Alfred University Press, 1985)
    "A Sesquicentennial History of Alfred University: Essays in Change" relates a story of shifting patterns in educational thought. But in a curious way it reveals the sinews of continuity that have stretched unbroken from ...



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