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  • Ladies' Literary Societies of Alfred University (Sun Publishing Association, Alfred, NY, 1903)
    A biographical sketch of Abigail Allen, professor at Alfred University.
  • Alfred University. Archives. (2013)
  • Alfred University (2011-10-11)
    An obituary of Chauncey Loomis Allen (1870-1941)
  • Allen, Jonathan (2014-06)
  • Allen, Jonathan (Davis-Greene Corporation, Milton, WI, 1932)
    Includes a biographical chapter by E. H. Lewis on Jonathan Allen (student, professor and president at Alfred University) as well as excerpts of his many writings and speeches.
  • Allen, Abigail (Pacific Press Publishing Co., Oakland, CA, 1894)
    Biographical sketch of Alfred University's second president, Jonathan Allen.
  • Alfred University. Archives. (1871)
    This collection of documents includes Vernon Babbitt's diary detailing his life in 1871 as he attended Alfred University, as well as his obituary and a compiled overview that gives some context to the diary and his life in 1871.
  • Snyder, David L. (2011-10-11)
    A short overview of the life of George Herman Babcock
  • Alfred University (2011-10-11)
    The obituary of Arthur Eugene Baggs (1886-1947)
  • Alfred Sun (Alfred Sun (Alfred, NY), 1952-02-14)
    The obituary of Mary Green Baggs (1862-1952)
  • Alfred Sun (Alfred Sun (Alfred, NY), 1923-07-12)
    The obituary of Vernon Andre Baggs (1859-1923).
  • Alfred University (2011-10-11)
    The presentation of an honorary doctor of divinity to Oliver Paul Barnhill.
  • Burt, Abram F. (1864)
    At age 25, Abram F. Burt (1838-1908) was enrolled at Alfred University for three terms, beginning March 1864 through December 1865. His hometown in 1864 was Sugar Hill, NY and the following year it was Auburn, CA. While ...
  • Coll, Edward G., Jr. (2014-06)
  • Davis, Boothe Colwell (2014-06)
  • Drake, Miles Ellis (2014-06)
  • Droppers, Joanne (2018)
    Finding aid for Joanne Droppers' collection, donated to Herrick Memorial Library in May 2018. Also includes personal biography.
  • Edmondson, Charles (2014-06)
  • Alfred University. Archives. (2014)
  • Hinckley, Herman (1856)
    1856 Diary of Herman Hinckley (attendance at Alfred University and searching for work teaching writing/calligraphy/penmanship in Allegany County)



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