Alfred Village and Town History: Recent submissions

  • Tunick, Susan; Scofield, Sandra; Palmiter, Terry (The Friends of Terra Cotta Press, 1993)
  • Huey, LInda (2017)
    Covers the history of the farms and their owners on Randolph Road in the town of Alfred, NY.
  • Brown, June E.; Bouck, Warren L. (Alfred Historical Society (Alfred, NY), 1976-10)
    In September of 1975, the executive committee of the Alfred Historical Society met to plan the program for the coming year. As a Bicentennial project, it was decided that the society would sponsor the making of two quilts, ...
  • Rhodes, Agnes Green (Alfred Historical Society (Alfred, NY), 1969-03-05)
    This paper explores the history of food and food preparation in Allegany County.
  • Plumb, Beatrice (Alfred Historical Society (Alfred, NY), 1968-12-04)
    This paper explores the history of the bells in the Davis Memorial Carillon at Alfred University.
  • Cottrell, Helen (Alfred Historical Society (Alfred, NY), 1946-12-07)
    This paper discusses the important discovery made by Dr. Lloyd R. Watson, recipient of a Guggenheim fellowship, who announced a technique for the positive control of mating in honeybees. Thus, he opened the door to scientific ...
  • Bouck, Warren L. (Alfred Historical Society (Alfred, NY), 1972-06)
    This paper summarizes the history of the Alfred Club and Hotel Association in Alfred.
  • Lang, Jean B. (Alfred Historical Society (Alfred, NY), 1974-06)
    This monograph is told by John Jacox, who besides owning and operating a grocery business, was Mayor of Alfred for many years. The information was recorded in March 1974.
  • Lang, Jean B. (Alfred Historical Society (Alfred, NY), 1972-05)
    This paper, prepared by Jean B. Lang, showcases the history of the A.E. Hook & Ladder Company from the time of its formation in 1887 until 1972.
  • Saunders, E.P. (Alfred Historical Society (Alfred, NY), 1922-05-05)
    This paper was written by Mrs. E.P. Saunders, a long-time member and officer of the Alfred Ladies Society. It was presented to the Ladies Aid Society on the date the Parish House was free of the debt incurred in the ...
  • Kenyon, M. Elwood (Alfred Historical Society (Alfred, NY), 1971-02)
    This paper presents M. Elwood Kenyon's impressions and memories of the Village of Alfred as it was in 1913.
  • Cottrell, Helen (Alfred Historical Society (Alfred, NY), 1968-02-07)
    This essay explores the history of Alfred through folklore that was passed down to Helen Cottrell from residents of the Alfred community.
  • Phelan, Helene C. (Almond Historical Society (Almond, NY), 1972-05)
    This article examines the cooking fireplace in the Hagadorn Household, which was uncovered in 1942 by Kenneth and Marie Hagadorn, who then owned the house.
  • Allen, Russell L. (Almond Historical Society (Almond, NY), 1981-05)
    A short history was written in the church's sesquicentennial year (1981) to give the members and friends of the church further knowledge of the rich heritage which belongs to all Seventh Day Baptists.
  • Dixson, John B., Jr. (Almond Historical Society (Almond, NY), 1972-06)
    This article provides a clear and detailed description of the Almond village drug store in the 1870s.
  • Palmiter, Thelma; Cornelius, Victor (Baker's Bridge Association (Alfred Station, NY), 1980-05)
    This booklet examines the history of Alfred, NY area cheese/ dairy industries.
  • Alfred League of Women Voters (Alfred League of Women Voters (Alfred, NY), 1953-08)
    This report presents in brief form pertinent data about the Village and Town of Alfred.
  • Alfred Comprehensive Plan Committee (Alfred Comprehensive Plan Committee (Alfred, NY), 2004-05-01)
  • Potter, Clifford M. (Alfred Historical Society (Alfred, NY), 1968-10-02)



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