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  • Alfred University. Archives. (1871)
    This collection of documents includes Vernon Babbitt's diary detailing his life in 1871 as he attended Alfred University, as well as his obituary and a compiled overview that gives some context to the diary and his life in 1871.
  • Snyder, David L. (2011-10-11)
    A short overview of the life of George Herman Babcock
  • Alfred University (2011-10-11)
    The obituary of Arthur Eugene Baggs (1886-1947)
  • Alfred Sun (Alfred Sun (Alfred, NY), 1952-02-14)
    The obituary of Mary Green Baggs (1862-1952)
  • Alfred Sun (Alfred Sun (Alfred, NY), 1923-07-12)
    The obituary of Vernon Andre Baggs (1859-1923).
  • Alfred University (2011-10-11)
    The presentation of an honorary doctor of divinity to Oliver Paul Barnhill.
  • Miller, Ryan (Alfred University, 2018-10-12)
  • Angie, Juliann (2015-05-07)
    My Senior Honors Thesis is a science fiction novel draft edited with the eventual goal of publication. The manuscript follows Keith Hayes, a seventeen year-old immigrant who moved with his father from Earth, to a new ...
  • Heckard, Hillary (2018-05)
    I construct sculptural installations that illustrate change through the idea of impermanence by combining technology, video projection, sound, performance and light with other mediums ranging from glass, wood and metal. I ...
  • Unknown author (2020)
  • McGlynn, Bridget Anne (2020)
    Mindfulness has been increasingly demonstrated as an effective intervention for improving various mental health outcomes such as anxiety, depression, stress levels, and quality of life. In more recent years, studies have ...
  • Wang, Lan (2019-05)
    Since the 1960s, the Internet has reached the whole world. The idea of cyberspace has evolved to became a significant term that describes people’s many different experiences of the Internet. Cyberspaces continue to incorporate ...
  • Keith, Tory (2011-12)
    Extract from the thesis: "It is not until we grow, and see the world we have built for ourselves crack from the pressure, that we begin to understand the extent to which our views have shaped what we allow ourselves to ...
  • Kang, Dana T. (2016-05-03)
    Inspired by the color palette and surface treatment of classical paintings and sculptures, my work exhibits quaintness. I employ highly contrasting lightings, and muted colors from the paintings of Caravaggio and Zurbaran ...
  • Brown, June E.; Bouck, Warren L. (Alfred Historical Society (Alfred, NY), 1976-10)
    In September of 1975, the executive committee of the Alfred Historical Society met to plan the program for the coming year. As a Bicentennial project, it was decided that the society would sponsor the making of two quilts, ...
  • Enke, Evan (Alfred University, 2018-10-12)
  • Wright, Garrett (2017-12-14)
    The wind energy industry needs technological advancements in cost-efficiency if it is to compete with fossil fuels for large-scale energy production. In addition, many communities refuse to allow wind turbines to be erected ...
  • Leigh, Wallace (Alfred University, 2018-10-12)
  • Alfred University. Archives. (2013)
  • Walsh, Conor James (Alfred University. Faculty of Ceramic Engineering. Kazuo Inamori School of Engineering, 2004)
    This study focuses on a lead free, high temperature ceramic capacitor material having the base composition of (Bi0.5 Na0.5) TiO3. The goal is to modify this base composition to create a material that has X7R-like dielectric ...



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