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  • Unknown author (2020)
  • Conrow, Amber (2019-05)
    Vessel for Thought (exhibition) was conceived through a combination of art history research as well as an interest in the ways that people connect with each other. This thesis is inspired by ancient figures, Moche vessels, ...
  • Unknown author (2020)
  • Unknown author (2020)
  • Kalinowski, Elainse (2016-12)
    Vocalises are songs that are sung on no words or nonsense syllables, sometimes applied as special effects in a song, used as a vocal exercise or for emotionally or spiritually focused music. Through vocables, dynamics, ...
  • Waffolie 
    Cashion, Brooke (2019-05)
    Waffolie /wof-fuh-lee/ Verb; To celebrate the unpredictable, unexplainable, and unruly tendencies of day-to-day experience by having a flexible and changeable mind. Celebrating the madness of life, I form ceramic sculptures ...
  • Unknown author (1904)
  • Walters, Jack Edward (2014-06)
  • Zwarka, Kelsey (2017-05)
    The ceramic sculptures included in Wave to the Trees allude to familiar objects, landscape, and the human figure in response to historical and contemporary perceptions of values and beauty. The forms are anthropomorphized ...
  • Wells, Alice Vinette (1869)
  • Barker, Jamie (2016)
    I am a product of my environment, but the act of making gives me the opportunity to make my environment a product of me: to realize a vision, to manicure a landscape, to plant a garden, and mount my own Arcadian fixtures. ...
  • Stewart, Kiara N. (2017-05-01)
    The goal of this thesis has been to create a more complex and full depiction of the surroundings and circumstances in which I work. To that end, I developed a project that would measure and compare my artistic practice and ...
  • Sennesael, Michèle (2019-05)
    During my practice, acoustics started to play an important role in my work. Sound is always there and present, it is hard to imagine a world without it but what would it look like? The work Whispering Void, created for my ...
  • Jerome, Erin Betsy (2019)
    This was an exploratory study that sought to answer why parents seek private psychoeducational evaluations for their children. Parents from a national sample (N = 139) answered survey and narrative response items including ...
  • Johnson, Lydia Ann (2016)
    Dirt records civilization. We build our homes on it, grow our food from it and bury our dead beneath it. It is our domain, our sustainer, our sanctuary. Engaging with this bodily earth reminds us of our presence. To it, ...
  • Unknown author (2020)
  • Unknown author (2020)
  • Unknown author (2020)
  • Unknown author (2020)



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