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  • Arrieta, Nora (2019-05)
    To think about childhood is to think about memory through the lens of sentimental blurred glass: Remembering creates sentimentalism and objects are seen in the soft and dim light of the past. It is not necessary for artists ...
  • Alfred University. Archives. (2011-09-13)
  • Alfred University (1976)
  • VanderWeide, Kaitlin (2012-05)
    The race to discover the solution to genetic disease has been a long one; only recently has it come to look like it is a race that may actually be won. Zinc-Finger Nucleases (ZFNs) are synthetic enzymes that can be designed ...
  • Hayes, Briar R. (2016-05-09)
    I chose Diaspora as my proposed thesis for a number of reasons, though some are more legitimate than others. I am speaking my mind about what I think the destiny of our species and our civilization will be.



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