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  • Enders, Arica; Wang, Xingwu; Morrison, Bryce; Klossner, Jeffrey; Naar, Enderson; Abuelmaali, Rashid; Lu, Dan; Bao, Zhen; Li, Zuyi; Zhao, Dongbo; Farajifijani, Ramin; Ahmadian, Saeed; Ebrahimi, Saba; Ghotbi, Ehsan; Benham, Joshua; Gong, David; McGunnigle, Liam; Kogachi, Weston; Cerrato, Justin; Azimian, Behrouz; Stark, Adam; Piraino, Elias; O'Dell, Brian; Norwood, Jackson; Miller, Ryan; Smith, Gabriel; Sundaram, S. K.; Tidrow, Steven C.; Simmins, John J.; Saavedra, Fernando; Paul, Peter; Misture, Scott T.; Leigh, Wallace; Kirk-Davidoff, Daniel; Pennock, Kenneth; Enke, Evan; Dorn, Drew; Bedi, Harpreet; Conroy, Brian; Badesha, Santokh (Alfred University, 2018-10-12)
  • Benham, Joshua (2019-04-14)
    The sound designer, like all other members of the design crew, must collaborate with the director to ensure that a unified vision is maintained and presented to an audience. For my thesis, I created a sound design for ...
  • Benham, Joshua; Gong, David; McGunnigle, Liam (Alfred University, 2018-10-12)
    Wind turbines (and other sources of renewable energy) are capable of producing energy exceeding the loads. Surplus energy can be stored for later usage. Therefore, it is required to have a storage system with energy output ...



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