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  • Allen, Russell L. (Almond Historical Society (Almond, NY), 1981-05)
    A short history was written in the church's sesquicentennial year (1981) to give the members and friends of the church further knowledge of the rich heritage which belongs to all Seventh Day Baptists.
  • Lang, Jean B. (Alfred Historical Society (Alfred, NY), 1972-05)
    This paper, prepared by Jean B. Lang, showcases the history of the A.E. Hook & Ladder Company from the time of its formation in 1887 until 1972.
  • Alfred University. Archives. (2011-09-27)
    This award is given to students, faculty and alumni of Alfred University who exemplify the spirit of Abigail Allen, one of the University's early educators and promoter of equal rights for all.
  • Bouck, Warren L. (Alfred Historical Society (Alfred, NY), 1972-06)
    This paper summarizes the history of the Alfred Club and Hotel Association in Alfred.
  • Lang, Jean B. (Alfred Historical Society (Alfred, NY), 1974-06)
    This monograph is told by John Jacox, who besides owning and operating a grocery business, was Mayor of Alfred for many years. The information was recorded in March 1974.
  • Cottrell, Helen (Alfred Historical Society (Alfred, NY), 1968-02-07)
    This essay explores the history of Alfred through folklore that was passed down to Helen Cottrell from residents of the Alfred community.
  • Alfred League of Women Voters (Alfred League of Women Voters (Alfred, NY), 1953-08)
    This report presents in brief form pertinent data about the Village and Town of Alfred.
  • McFadden, Laurie (2012)
    This photo collage was put together for the 2012 Opening Convocation at Alfred University. It shows current and old photos of Alfred and Alfred Station, NY as a way to help people understand the history of the town.
  • Allen, Russell; Palmiter, Thelma; Greene, Susan (1976-05)
    This booklet displays the daily schedule of events for Alfred Station's Bicentennial Weekend of May 29-30, 1976. It also gives a brief yet informative description and illustration of Alfred Station's history.
  • Halbert-Brooks, Ann (2009)
  • Gertz, Dwight (1964)
  • Coll, Edward G., Jr. (2011-11-15)
  • Kenyon, M. Elwood (Alfred Historical Society (Alfred, NY), 1971-02)
    This paper presents M. Elwood Kenyon's impressions and memories of the Village of Alfred as it was in 1913.
  • Strong, Susan (1997)
  • Place, R. Artamesia (1904)
    Anecdotes of Alfred were collected by R. Arta Place in 1904 for an Athenaean program. The document captures a piece of Alfred's history by sharing stories of some of its residents.
  • Brown, June E.; Bouck, Warren L. (Alfred Historical Society (Alfred, NY), 1976-10)
    In September of 1975, the executive committee of the Alfred Historical Society met to plan the program for the coming year. As a Bicentennial project, it was decided that the society would sponsor the making of two quilts, ...
  • Alfred University. Archives. (2013)
  • Alfred University (1964-09)
    This booklet was written to introduce the Class of '68 to the general regulations of the Brick Dormatory.
  • Alfred University. Archives. (2013)
  • Plumb, Beatrice (Alfred Historical Society (Alfred, NY), 1968-12-04)
    This paper explores the history of the bells in the Davis Memorial Carillon at Alfred University.



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