Blues in Betta splendens

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Betta splendens are a very popular fish. They are commonly kept as pets, but are also occasionally used as models for research. With such a wide variety of colors possible, and breeders often looking for specific colorations, there should be much information regarding genetic inheritance available. However, the few sources available are less than reputable, and have no research to back up their models. Blue color in Betta splendens covers other colors when fully exhibited. I hoped to learn the inheritance pattern of the three blue: royal blue, turquoise, and steel blue. I hypothesized that the popular model of incomplete dominance was correct, but that Steel Blue was the heterozygous genotype, and royal blue and turquoise were the homozygous genotypes. However, our breeding attempts were not successful. In addition to inheritance, I also tested color preference of female Betta splendens between the three blues. I hypothesized that females would prefer the richer colors of royal blue and turquoise, over the less visually rich steel blue. I found that turquoise was the most preferred color by females, with the most time spent with the turquoise male overall.
Thesis completed in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Alfred University Honors Program.
Honors thesis, Betta splendens, Fish, Color, Genetics