Transition to kindergarten: the impact of preschool on kindergarten adjustment

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A successful transition to kindergarten is important for future success in school. However, research has not defined a clear relationship between the type of preschool a child attends and that child's kindergarten adjustment. Participants were recruited from a small city school district, where 155 kindergarten students were split into 5 groups based on the type of preschool attended previously, and school adjustment ratings were completed by both parents and teachers for each of the students. Results from teachers indicated that students who attended universal prekindergarten classrooms in the elementary school buildings were rated as having significantly higher levels of overall adjustment than students who did not attend preschool (p ' .01). Results from parents did not indicate any significant results. Preschool and kindergarten teachers also provided qualitative information regarding what helps students adjust best to kindergarten.
Dissertation completed in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Doctor of Psychology degree in School Psychology at Alfred University, Alfred, NY.
Kindergarten, Preschool