Finite element predictions of residual stress relief in a two-dimensional cantilever beam

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Alfred University. Faculty of Ceramic Engineering. Kazuo Inamori School of Engineering.
Elastic-plastic finite element analyses were performed to predict the residual stress relief in cantilever beam. A script was written to use the commercial finite element code ANSYS to predict residual stress relief by vibratory treatment. Several case studies are performed in which various factors such as driven frequency, excitation amplitude and level of residual stress are changed. The main focus of the current research is to investigate the conditions under which VSR works and the extent of stress relief by VSR. The results from the computer simulation show that resonant VSR (R VSR) and sub-resonant VSR (SUB-R VSR) will relieve residual stress in the beam. The canitlever beam which has max compressive residual stress in top fillet can get the greatest residual stress by R VSR. Also the greater excitation amplitude, the more stress relief.
Finite element analysis (FEM), Stress relief, Cantilever beam, Industrial engineering