Data Analysis and Recommendations for Meeting ABET Criteria: A Report

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ABET, previously known as the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, but now simply as ABET, observes, evaluates, and accredits colleges and universities through the Engineering Accreditation Commission.2 Alfred University is currently accredited by ABET under their Engineering Accreditation Commision.3 To be accredited through ABET, the following are analyzed: Program Educational Objectives, Student Outcomes, Assessments, Evaluations, as well as Criterion 1 through 8 depending on the program. Evaluations determine the extent to which student outcomes are being attained. These evaluations result in decisions and actions regarding program improvement.4 This report focuses on ABET Criterion 3: Student Outcomes, in which the program must have documented student outcomes that prepare graduates to attain the program educational objectives. Student outcomes are outcomes (a) through (k) plus any additional outcomes that may be articulated by the program.4 For this report, ABET Criterion 3: Student Outcomes – B, F, G, I, and K are assessed and analyzed. From this analysis, it was determined that out of a selection of students, an average of 13.08% of students were not applicable, 8.77% of students failed to meet the criteria, 51.23% of students were developing the skills to meet the criteria, 26.15% of students met the criteria, and 0.77% of students exceeded the requirements of the criteria. Recommendations to improve ABET Criterion 3: Student Outcomes results include: the whole Inamori School of Engineering using: a School of Engineering Awareness Assessment and an Ethics & Globalization Quiz, a Laboratory Format/Template for the whole School of Engineering based from industry standards, and encouraging interdisciplinary senior theses and senior design projects.
Thesis completed in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Alfred University Honors Program.
Honors thesis, Education, Engineering, ABET