The Muses Revived

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My work is about finding the center. It is about searching for the calm, appreciating the understated, and celebrating the small moments. There are three major elements: simplicity of form; complexity of meaning; and intensity of emotion. My practice mixes together the artist and the scholar; I enjoy melding academia and intellect with exploration of technique. The product is quiet and elegant, gentle and expressive, a collection of layers of interpretation steeped in art historical tradition. My most recent work comprises of a series of historically-inspired prints featuring the Muses. The series consists of woodcuts printed on rice paper. The paper reflects the delicacy of the women while the printing speaks of traditional methods. These prints follow in a long line of images inspired by the Muses. The figures come and go throughout history, making their presence known one moment then standing back to watch the creation that they inspire. These pieces focus on the grace and beauty of the feminine form as well as the harmony of seemingly-opposite traits that balance each other. My figures are confident and gentle, strong and delicate, quiet leaders. Ultimately, they are centered, self-actualized individuals.
Thesis completed in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Alfred University Honors Program.
Honors thesis, Art, Muses