Exploring a Theoretical Framework of Student-Professor Performance, Power Relations and Structural Inequalities Affecting Students’ Ability to Perform

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My thesis looks at the age-old question regarding the college classroom: Why don’t students read for class? I explore power dynamics in the classroom between professors and students as well as students and students in terms of completing assigned reading and the effects of gaining social capital. My thesis looks further at the entire education system and inequalities in playing the student role as well as the effect of capitalism on the classroom experience. Using a combination of social theory and quantitative research I have found that the literature suggests that there are outside factors affecting the student as well as performances in the classroom demonstrated by the professors and other students that may contribute to one of the many reasons students do not read for class.
Thesis completed in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Alfred University Honors Program.
Honors thesis, Education, Social theory, Student performance, Reading