Real Time Adaptive Filters Using TMS320C31 DSK

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Alfred University. Faculty of Ceramic Engineering. Kazuo Inamori School of Engineering.
An adaptive filter is a filter that can update its coefficients by itself using an adaptive algorithm. This thesis proposes two kinds of adaptive filters: the Finite Impulse Response and the Infinite Impulse Response Adaptive filters, as well as their structures and the Least Mean Square adaptive algorithm for both filters. A number of adaptive filters have been used for different applications including noise cancellation, system identification, echo cancellation and equalization. This thesis concentrates on noise cancellation. The programs are implemented on the TMS320C31 Digital Signal Processor Starter Kit. TMS320C31 DSK combines the power, high speed, flexibility and architecture optimized for adaptive signal processing. The main objective of this thesis is to realize an adaptive FIR filter for noise cancellation on the TMS320C31 DSK board and develop another adaptive FIR option and an adaptive IIR filter. In addition to general information about these filters, the details of implementations, the problem during implementations and further studies about the parameters of filters are presented as well.
Filters, Real time