Yemen's Regional War

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This thesis shows the importance of history and how condensed countries have complex issues and tensions. The main point has been to highlight the nature of the war in Yemen and the dire need for understanding, attention, and answers. This thesis has demonstrates, statistically and factually, that Yemen’s civil war is intricate and complex, through themes of historical tensions, the impact of the Arab Spring, understanding the Houthis, labeling a regional war, and simplifying the legality behind war crimes and crimes against humanity. Throughout this thesis, and writing it, the importance of early history and tensions can easily be seen. Understanding a conflict means understanding past relationships, past motivations, and past tensions which are usually repetitive throughout conflicts. Knowledge is key when reporting, investigating, and understanding the complexity of serious and detrimental wars that experience war crimes, crimes against humanity, and terminology that takes away from the locality of the war. This thesis is aimed at forcing scholars, journalists, and humanitarian organizations to begin looking at issues as complex as Yemen through a new and uncomfortable lens: new terminology is crucial to begin understanding an under-studied and misrepresented country.
Thesis completed in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Alfred University Honors Program.
Honors thesis, Political science, Yemen, Middle East